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Our Company

When Johnstons was founded back in 1900, it was with one horse drawn carriage. Today, more than a century later, Johnstons is a family owned and operated integrated logistics company based in Sydney servicing NSW from two (2) strategically located metropolitan depots.

Johnstons are committed through the fourth generation on building our expansive multi-faceted logistics service. By offering a complete transport and logistics solution managed end to end for our customers by our passionately committed management, allows Johnstons to create sustainable value added capabilities for another century.

As the world around us changes at great pace we must be ready for tomorrow today. To continue to thrive we must understand what trends will shape our business. Hereby, focusing on the long term creates a destination, an environment and roadmap for the future success of our people, the business, and our partners. Sharing the winning will allow Johnston’s to dedicate our strategic resources to service, trust and professionalism in transport.

Vision, Values and Core beliefs


To ensure we exceed the expectations of the service needs of our customers through collaborative partnerships we will deliver sustainable growth by adding value through the quality of service, diversity, reliability, trust and integrity.


Our future destination declares the company’s standards and purpose: To be recognized as a leader in the NSW Transportation Industry by providing benchmark services in the General Transport, Over-Dimensional/Heavy Haul, Container Port Logistics, Machinery Factory Relocations, Project Cargo and Contract markets.

Mission Statement

We seek long term partnerships with customers that have special requirements or specific needs that necessitate a high level of quality service, integrity and confidence.  We aim to add value to our customers supply chain and drive out unnecessary costs.

Our Philosophy

From the beginning, Johnston’s philosophy is based on a ‘Service first’ focus, customer centric and sustainable solution provider. With the guiding principle that we strive to add value, ensure the most efficient and service driven transport for all parties, ultimately exceeding service expectations over the long term. Our desires to ensure all our dealings are conducted in an honest, fair and considerate manner.

Freight management is moved as a partnership between our clients, employees and drivers, placing customers at the centre of our organisation. To deliver this partnership we train our staff to take ownership as advocates of our personalised customer service, by being accountable to nurture the relationship. Delivering feedback and assisting management to monitor and measure the overall accounts health.

Effort, passion and enthusiasm deliver engagement and productivity in the workplace. Everyday people make judgements about their discretionary effort. Johnston’s aim to keep pride and satisfaction within the organisation high, so management ensure a sense of recognition and appreciation is committed to clients and staff alike. The employees’ willingness to go above and beyond to service the needs of customers is at the core of our values and family driven service philosophy.

While our mission is to continue to earn a reputation of quality service, diversity, reliability, trust and integrity that is unmatched in our industry, also known as The Core Difference. Our guiding principles of ‘Service first’ go even further to make sure we meet or exceed customer expectations over the long term.

Our Philosophy

Management encourages the adoption of our core values, in doing so, allows an employee to follow the practices and processes and be at one with the company’s culture. Be at one with our core values through;

  • Collaboration: - understanding loyalty & the needs of our customers
  • Quality: - Commitment to operational excellence
  • Committed; - with Passion
  • Trust and integrity - Act
  • Safety & Security - of our people is utmost importance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Teamwork - With leadership
  • Accountability: - Open and transparent
  • Passion for results: - Pride, enthusiasm and dedication to service

Live the brand: Trust, Safety & SERVICE FIRST

Key Benefits

Outsourcing your freight needs to Johnstons allows you to focus on your core business functions and still collaborate and co-source a custom-tailored system designed to provide the logistics and supply chain services your business needs.

Understanding the costs and risks associated with transportation management services is a necessity. By selecting Johnstons as your provider who you can trust and collaborate with to meet your freight needs and to assist in removing the associated costs and risk is vital in order to select and align to a provider who can meet those requirements and thus provide a tangible and beneficial Return on Investment (ROI).

Key benefits Johnstons offer;

  • Growth and Confidence - access to a leading transport provider with a proven track record of delivering freight on time (under complex requirements) protecting costs through difficult market conditions over the long term.
  • Flexibility - provide support and expertise with minimal disruption
  • Innovative - Open and creative to solutions
  • Simplicity - Service without complication
  • Reliability - On time, all the time,
  • Understanding - the cost on disruptions & benefit of service

The legacy secured by the family’s fore bears allows the continual sustainability of the culture to thrive. The embedded values and beliefs assist the long term reliability and flexibility of the workforce to deliver the service offering to the customers. Ensuring and enabling our practices to continue our assistance on improving the impact on delivered productivity.


Johnstons ability to establish through long term relationships, strategic alliances and associations ensures our customer relationship and service offerings are maintained to the highest level of expertise. Consequently, sharing the organisations specialist service offering to strategically expand our offering.

Our joint ventures and associations enable us to extend our reach and strategically expand our service offering.

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